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Past Seminar Talks:


November 27, 2019:
Dr. Tamar Megiddo: Online Activism, Digital Domination, and the Rule of Trolls: Mapping and Theorizing Technological Oppression by Governments. 
See here for more details and here for recording on YouTube

November 20, 2019:
Prof. Eli Salzberger: The Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions - Some Conceptual Insights
Link to recording on YouTube


June 12, 2019: 
Prof. Robert Howse with Adv. Amin Yacoub (NYU): Should States be Liable under Investment Agreements for Failure to Prevent Non-state Actor Violence in Conflict Zones? A Skeptical View: The Case of Ampal v. Egypt
Link to recording on YouTube

May 29, 2019:
Dr. Ronnen Ben Arie: City at war: the state of emergency as a constituent moment
Link to recording on YouTube

May 15, 2019:
Dr. Yahli Shershevsky: The Internal Logic of Jus ad Bellum Arguments
Link to recording on YouTube

May 1, 2019: 
Dr. Itamar Mann: Hangman's Perspective: Three Genres of Critique following Eichmann
Link to recording on YouTube

April 10, 2019: 
Dr. Reuven (Ruvi) Ziegler, School of Law, University of Reading: Uncertain futures: EU citizenship rights in the shadow of Brexit
Link to recording on YouTube

April 10, 2019:
Dr. Denard Veshi, PhD fellow at the European Doctorate in Law & Economics and the Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions: Refugee Flow: a Law and Economics Approach
Link to recording on YouTube

Dr. Nadav Dagan: Five Points for Legality: On Law, Exigencies and Emergency Powers (Hebrew)
בזכות החוקיות: מצבי חירום ושלטון החוק
Link to streamline on YouTube (Heb)

Dr. Elena Cirkovic: Space, Ice and the Final Frontiers of International Law
Link to streamline on YouTube

27.2 2019:
Prof. Antoni Abat i Ninet:  The Messianic Thought of the Rule of Law
Link to streamline on YouTube

Professor Gad Barzilai, Faculty of Law, Vice Provost University of Haifa: Why Do Courts Incline to Prefer National Security Arguments Over (other) Human Rights?
Link to streamline on YouTube


Tom Gal: Armed groups - objects or subjects of international law?
Link to streamline on YouTube

Prof. Gideon Aran, The Smile of the Human Bomb: New Perspectives on Suicide Terrorism
Link to streamline on YouTube

Adv. Efrat Bergman-Sapir - The Public Committee against Torture in Israel: With Authority and Permission: Torture in ISA (Israel Security Agency) Interrogations (Hebrew)

עו"ד אפרת ברגמן-ספיר-מנהלת המחלקה המשפטית בוועד הציבורי נגד עינויים בישראל: ברשות ובסמכות: עינויים בחקירות שב"כ

31.10.2018: Seminar talk
Prof. Eli Salzberger: Introduction for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions


30.5. 2018 at 14:30
David Vitale - The Homelessness State of Emergency
Link to streamline in YouTube

Hassan Jabareen: Can the Court Normalize the Exception? On Territoriality Cases of Palestinians Citizens of Israel
Link to atreamline in YouTube

Deborah Housen-Couriel - Cybersecurity Regulation: A Case Study
Link to streamline in YouTube

Nadav Dagan - Reasonableness and the Legal Control of Administrative Discretion
Link to streamline in YouTube

Nuri McBride : The Application of International Refugee Law in Thailand and Kenya
Link to stremline in YouTube


Barbara Korte: Legal definitions of terrorism: criminalizing a contested concept or criminalizing contestation itself?
Link to streamline on YouTube

Prof. Dr. Michael Brzoska: Weather-related Disasters and Violent Conflicts

Link to streamline on YouTube


Dr. Dafne Richemond-Barak: Underground Warfare
Link to streamline on YouTube 

Dr. Maya Mark: The Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance as a case Study for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions
Link to streamline on YouTube 

Prof. Amichai Cohen: Emergencies in Israel 
Link to streamline on YouTube

Prof. Eli Salzberger: Theoretical Introduction to the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions


14.06.2017: Deborah Housen-Couriel: The Rule of Law in an Extreme Environment: The Growing Challenges to the Rule of Law in Outer Space

07.06.2017: Osnat Broshi-Chen: Creativity and Innovation in Managing Security-induced Tourism Crises: A Strategic Perspective of an Israeli Tourism Case

24.05.2017: Ittai Bar-Siman-Tov: Judicial Review of Temporary Legislation Regulating  Emergencies. Link to Video here

10.05.2017: Adi Hercowitz-Amir: When the state is “under attack” by unwanted migratory flows:The disputed legality of Israeli asylum policy and the role of the courts. See here for more details

26.04.2017: Moran Zaga: Between the political borders and the socio-political conflicts in the Arab world (Hebrew), see here for more details

19.04.2017: Hadas Fischer-Rosenberg Colonial Rule and Colonial Law in a Time of War: Palestine Emergency Legislation, 1939-1945 (Hebrew), see here for more details. Link to video here

05.04.2017: Eyal Ben Ari: International Humanitarian Law, Armed Violence  and Military Restraint: Israeli Ground Level Commanders in the Occupied Territories (see abstract here)

08.03.2017: Natalie Davidson: The Changing Definition of Torture: A Socio-Legal Inquiry

2016-2017 Semester A seminar talks

09.11.2016: Eli Salzberger: The Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions – Theoretical Perspectives

23.11.2016: Amnon Reichman: The Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions – Overview of Israeli Law and Institution

07.12.2016: Maria Varaki: Rule of Law challenges in Greece and Turkey. Different crisis, similar issues?

21.12.2016: Itamar Man: Three Genres of International Criminal Justice
(משפט בינלאומי פלילי ועקרון החוקיות)

11.01.2017: Ester Herlin-Karnell: The Constitutional Structure of Europe’s Area of “Freedom, Security and Justice” and the Right to Justification

18.01.2017: Yael Berda:Expanding Emergency: from Colonial Emergency Laws to Anti-Terror Laws in Israel and India (ניהול "אוכלוסיות מסוכנות": מפרקטיקות חירום קולוניאליות לחוקי המאבק בטרור בהודו ובישראל)

2015-2016 Seminar lectures

25.5.2016: Tobias Ackermann, Research associate at the Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict at Ruhr University Bochum: “The Effects of Armed Conflicts on Bilateral Investment Treaties

18.5.2016: Dr. Yaniv Roznai, Post-Doctoral fellow at the Center: Emergency Unamendability

18.5.2016 : Should the cyber profession be licensed?  (Hebrew -Cyber forum event)

15.5.2016: ICON-S Israel, Annual conference of the International Society of Public Law; session on constitutional Law in times of crisis with post-doctoral fellows of the Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions.

13.4.2016: Dr. Suha Jubran Ballan: Economic Crises and Foreign Investors: Between Necessity and Reparation

6.4.2016: Dr. Denard Veshi: The European management of the refugee flow: an economic and legal comparative approach

6.4.2016: Abhishek Mishra: Extrajudicial Killings: Normative study to determine the impact on State and Democracy in changing World Order

30.3.2016: Dr. Rivka Brot: Law and Order at the Space of Exception: Administration of Law in Jewish Refugee Camps in the American Occupation Zone in Germany, 1945-1949.  

6.3. 2016: Ehud Segal : Evaluating Israel’s Regulatory Framework for Earthquake Preparedness, Response and Recovery.

9.3. 2016: Dr. Myriam Feinberg Who should regulate Cyber-terrorism – France and Israel as a case study of a multilevel regime and the protection of the rule of law.

20.1. 2016:   Prof. Kenneth A. Bamberger: Privacy on the Ground . (Cyber forum event - See here  for more details)

06.01. 2016: Alyssa-Nurit McBride:Refugee Law in the Developing World: The Implications of Protracted Refugee Situations on the Efficacy of Refugee Law.

30.12.2015: Dr. Ayelet Ben-Yishai, Dr. Alexandre Kedar, Dr. Ornit Shani: Twentieth-Century Partitions: An Interim Report. See abstract

25.11.2015 : Dr. Suha Jubran - Ballan: How Institutions Matter: on the Judicial Reasoning of Investment Treaty Arbitration Awards. 

11.11.2015: Federica Maiorana (Guest at the Minerva Center)The phenomenon of Foreign Fighters: a new challenge for the world between effective protection and legal safeguards. See Abstract 

4.11.2015: Prof. Leslie E. Gerwin, Program in Law and Public Affairs, Princeton University, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University: Law and (Dis)Order of Public Health Emergency Response. 

15.7.2015: Stephan Michel (with Prof. Stefan Voigt, Hamburg University): The organization of intelligence. 

8.7.2015: Prof. Moti Mironi: The Rule of Law and State of Emergency Caused by Strikes of Essential Employees. 

24.6.2015: Dr. Karin Loevy  (NYU School of Law) Who Decides on the Emergency? Comparing Institutional Response Capacities in the US Executive and the UK Parliament Post 9/11.  (abstract)

10.6.2015 :Suha Jubran Ballan: Investment Treaty Arbitration and Economic Crises: between Necessity and Reparation.

13.5.2015: Dr. Alexander (Sandy) Kedar: Expanding Legal Geographies: A Call for a Critical Comparative Approach.  (see paper)

15.4.2015: Natalie Davidson: Alien Tort Statute Litigation and Transitional Justice: Bringing the Marcos Case back to the Philippines.

25.3.2015:  Prof. Menachem Hofnung, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem: The Price of Counterterrorism Information Gathering: Intelligence Informers in the Israeli Courts - (see draft of paper submitted for evaluation to Mishpat UMimshal (Hebrew)

 11.3.2015: Prof. Michael Gross, School of Political Science, The University of Haifa: The Ethics of Insurgency- What's Wrong with Human Shields?-  (See Prof. Gross's blog on the subject)

 28.1.2015: Klaas Rick,  University of Hamburg: Terrorism as a Crime under International Law - 

 21.1.2015:Dr. Yaniv Roznai , The Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Condition: Revolutionary lawyering -  (See paper (Hebrew))

 14.1.2015: Dr. Michal Saliternik, The Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions: Procedural justice in peace negotiations

See more: 2014 Seminar Lectures