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2018-2019 Fall semester events

All seminar talks are taking place on Wednesdays between 14:15-15:45, at the Center. Most talks are streamlined and available online in YouTube
The Center is located in the Terrace Building (Hamadrega), room 1013. For a map see here

31.10.2018: Seminar talk
Prof. Eli Salzberger: Introduction for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions

7.11.2018: Book event
The ABC of OPT - Hedi Viterbo, Michael Sfard and Orna Ben Naftali (Event will be in Hebrew).
Press here for Info about the book.

21.11.2018: Seminar talk
Adv. Efrat Bergman-Sapir - The Public Committee against Torture in IsraelWith Authority and Permission: Torture in ISA (Israel Security Agency) Interrogations (Hebrew)

עו"ד אפרת ברגמן-ספיר-מנהלת המחלקה המשפטית בוועד הציבורי נגד עינויים בישראל: ברשות ובסמכות: עינויים בחקירות שב"כ

5.12.2018: Seminar talk
Prof. Gideon Aran, The Smile of the Human Bomb: New Perspectives on Suicide Terrorism
Link to streamline on YouTube

19.12.2018: Seminar talk
Tom Gal: Armed groups - objects or subjects of international law?

2.1.2019: Seminar talk
Prof. Gad Barzilai: TBD

16.1.2019: Book event and Seminar talk
The Changing Practices of International Law. With editor Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen


Feb. 3-17, 2019: Young researchers workshop
The 3rd Young Researchers Workshop on Terrorism and Belligerency see CFP

For past events see here

For a list of past seminar talks and links see here


(Planned Spring semester events (subject to changes)

Prof. Antoni Abat i Ninet

Dr. Elena Cirkovic

Dr. Itamar Mann: Hangman's Perspective: Three Genres of Critique following Eichmann

Dr. Ronnen Ben Arie

Dr. Fergal Davis: Juries and Terrorism Trials – are they right, are they wrong, are they unavoidable, are they always unworkable?

Dr. Yahli Shershevsky

Prof. Robert Howse

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