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2018-2019 Fall semester events

All seminar talks are taking place on Wednesdays between 14:15-15:45, at the Center. Most talks are streamlined and available online in YouTube
The Center is located in the Terrace Building (Hamadrega), room 1013. For a map see here

For past events see here
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March 24-26: Haifa and Jerusalem:
Conference with Haifa Center for German and European Studies (HCGES) and DAAD Center for German Studies, Dept. of Communication & Journalism, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem:
Perspectives on Terrorism and Migration in Germany, Europe and Israel: From Discourse to Policy

March 27, 2019: 14:15-16:00 - Seminar talk:
Dr. Nadav Dagan: Five Points for Legality: On Law, Exigencies and Emergency Powers

April 10, 2019: 14:15-16:00 - Seminar talk:
Dr. Denard Veshi: Refugee Flow: a Law and Economics Approach

May 1, 2019: 14:15-16:00 - Seminar talk:
Dr. Itamar Mann: Hangman's Perspective: Three Genres of Critique following Eichmann

May 15, 2019: 14:15-16:00 - Seminar talk:
Dr. Yahli Shershevsky: The Internal Logic of Jus ad Bellum Arguments

May 29, 2019: 14:15-16:00 - Seminar talk:
Dr. Ronnen Ben Arie: City at war: the state of emergency as a constituent moment

June 12, 2019: 14:15-16:00 - Seminar talk:
Prof. Robert Howse: TBD

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