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The Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions, initiates innovating interdisciplinary research on the normative and institutional dimensions of the rule of law under extreme conditions as well as in-depth examination of law-in-action. It fosters multifaceted empirical and theoretical research in the study of rule of law as a social sphere during belligerencies, natural disasters and socio-economic acute crises.

Challenges to the rule of law under extreme conditions may vary under different constitutional and political regimes. The Center concentrates on democracies. The analyses examine institutional, cultural, socioeconomic and policy dimensions. Its mission includes encouragement of scholars, young scientists, and students to develop data and cultivate an interactive dialogue for research and training around these issues.

Interdisciplinary interactions and dialogue are most important, among such disciplines as law, sociology, history, economics, political science and international studies, planning, media studies, psychology, geography, environmental studies, philosophy, public policy and administration, public health and medicine. The Center is a venue for systematic and cross-cultural learning and research, using various methodologies, qualitative, quantitative and mixed.  

The mission of the Center includes dialogue with the larger communities of students, scholars, experts, policy and decision makers through workshops, colloquia, seminars, conferences and a series of publications based on its research and findings.