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The Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions

at the University of Haifa

is happy to invite you to a lecture by


Tobias Ackermann

Research associate at the Institute for International Law of Peace and

Armed Conflict (IFHV) at Ruhr University Bochum


“The Effects of Armed Conflicts

 on Bilateral Investment Treaties”


Apart from the disastrous humanitarian catastrophe armed conflicts cause, they also influence the law in various ways: specialized rules may become applicable while others are suspended, and special consideration may be given to the conflict situation when a norm is interpreted and applied. 

The lecture addresses the effects of armed conflicts on the validity and operation of treaties in public international law with a focus on bilateral investment treaties. With countries prone to conflict becoming involved more and more in the international legal regime of investment protection, the lecture addresses a particularly topical issue on the rule of law under extreme conditions.


 Wednesday 25.05.2016

At 14:15

The Minerva Center:  Haifa University, Hamadrega building, Room 1013 *


Participation is free 

For more details call Michal at 0502-163543 

*The Minerva Center is in the terrace building (Hamadrega), First floor. see map