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The Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions at the University of Haifa


Boston College Law School

under the auspices of The Israeli Association of Public Law (IAPL)

International Symposium on Constitutionalism under Extreme Conditions

The University of Haifa on Monday - Tuesday, 18-19 July 2016  

The Keynote speech at this event was delivered by former Chief Justice Aharon Barak  

The Symposium was convened by Prof. Richard Albert (Boston College) and Dr. Yaniv Roznai (Minerva Center for RLuEC). 

Program of the Symposium

Booklet of abstracts and participants

Conference report in ICONnectblog, by Maja Sahadžić  

Videos of the Symposium:

Day one – part 1:

Day one part 2:

Day 2: 

Pictures from the symposium


Details of videos:

Note: The symposium was streamlined online; audio quality varies, not always good. 

Day one – part 1:

Min. 0:00 - Introductions

 Panel 1: State of Exception and Normalcy

Min. 10:30 - Discussant: YAIR SAGY (University of Haifa) on:

KUMARAVADIVEL GURUPARAN (University College London), Constitutions as Instruments for Normalising Abnormalcy: The Sri Lankan and Indian Experience 

Min. 52:40 - Discussant: ELI SALZBERGER (University of Haifa)  on:

MING-SUNG KUO (University of Warwick), From Institutional Sovereignty to Constitutional Mindset: Rethinking the Domestication of the State of Exception in the Age of Normalization

Min. 1:40:00 –2:13:20: Break


Panel 2: Constitution-Making 

Min. 2:13:20 - Discussant: GAD BARZILAI (University of Haifa) on: 

MANAR MAHMOUD (Hebrew University),Challenges of Reconciliatory Constitution-Making inTunisia and Egypt: A Comparative Perspective 

Min. 2:53:50 - Discussant: AMNON REICHMAN (University of Haifa) on:

ANDREAS BRAUNE (University Erfurt/Friedrich Schiller University Jena), Authoritative Constitution-Making in the Name of Democracy?


Part 2:

Panel 3: The Next Frontier of Human Rights

Min. 0:10 - Discussant: ANNA MROZEK (Universitat Leipzig) on:

PEDRO A. VILLARREAL (Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law), Public Health Emergencies and Constitutionalism: Between the International and the National 

Min. 46:25 - Discussant: LUKAS HRABOVSKY (Palacky University Olomouc) on:

YORAM RABIN (Office of the The State Comptroller of Israel), LIAV ORGAD (IDC) & ROY PELED (The College of Management), The Law Governing the Right of Enemy Alien’s Access to Courts 

Min. 1:31:45-  2:00:00 Break


Panel 4: Divided Societies

Min. 2:01:01 - Discussant: MAJA SAHADŽIĆ (University of Antwerp) on:

NIKOS SKOUTARIS (University of East Anglia) & ELIAS DINAS (University of Oxford), The Paradox of Territorial Autonomy: How Subnational Representation Leads to Secessionist Preferences

Min. 2:43:30- Discussant: ILAN SABAN (University of Haifa) on:

NASIA HADJIGEORGIOU (UCLan Cyprus) & NIKOLAS KYRIAKOU (University of Cyprus), Entrenching Hegemony in Cyprus: The Doctrine of Necessity and the Principle of Bi-communality

Min.  3:26:00 – Key note lecture

AHARON BARAK, President (ret.) of the Supreme Court of Israel and Professor of Law at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya

“Human Rights in Times of Terror – A Judicial Point of View”


Part 3:


Panel 5: Economic and Financial Crises

Min. 16:40 - Discussant: DANIEL BENOLIEL (University of Haifa) on: 

ANTONIA BARAGGIA (University of Milan), The ‘Judicializtion’ of Emergency: The Case of the Eurozone Crisis

Min. 1:00:20  - Discussant: SUHA JUBRAN BALLAN (University of Haifa) on:

ELISA BERTOLINI (Bocconi University Milan), Financial crisis as a New Genus of Constitutional Emergency?

Min. 1:47:20 -   Break


Panel 6: Actors in Constitutional Change

Min. 2:16:05

Min. 2:19:45 - Discussant: GUY LURIE (University of Haifa) on:

FATIH OZTURK (Istanbul University), Again: From 1867 to Today, Making a Constitution under an Elite Umbrella in Turkey (Min. 2:31:16)

Min. 3:04:28 - Discussant: Ricardo Sousa Da Cunha (Service of Legal and Constitutional Affairs of the Presidency of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste) on: 

TILMANN J. RODER (Max Planck Foundation for International Peace and the Rule of Law in Heidelberg), Militaries as Actors in Constitutional Change Processes (Min. 3:19:10)

Min. 3:46: 55 - Break


Poster session:

Min. 4:22:30 - MAJA SAHADŽIĆ (University of Antwerp), The Constitution of Emergency - Reasons Behind Asymmetrical (Constitutional) Arrangements in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Min. 4:34:05 -RICARDO SOUSA DA CUNHA (Service of Legal and Constitutional Affairs of the Presidency of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste), The Constitutional “Big Bang” in Timor-Lest

Min. 4:44:45-LUKAS HRABOVSKY (Palacky University Olomouc), Emergencies and Constitutional Rights in a Time of Terrorist Threat in the Czech Republic: Do We Need a New Dimension of Emergency?

Min. 4:51:34 -JOSHUA SEGEV (Netanya Academic College), Detaining Unlawful Enemy Combatant in Israel. A Matter of Misinterpretation?

Min. 5:04:18 -PATRICK GRAHAM (University of New England), In Pursuit of Power: the Common Law Constitution

Min.5:16:30 - Break


Panel 7: Political Emergencies and Political Trauma

Min.5:50:20  -Discussant: JOSHUA SEGEV (Netanya Academic College) on: 

DANTE GATMAYTAN (University of the Philippines),Reluctant Radical: Political Trauma and Judicial Review in Post-Marcos Philippines (Min.6:10:07 )

Min.6:39: 36 Discussant: PATRICK GRAHAM (University of New England) on:

IOANNIS A. TASSOPOULOS (University of Athens), Political Emergencies as Challenges to the Impartiality of Public Law: A Defense of the Constitutional Stability of Practical Reason Based on Greek Experience (Min. 6:53:25)