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Book/ Paper/Article

Judicial Review

Adrian Vermeule, 'Holmes on Emergencies' (2008) 61(1) Stanford Law Reviews 163-201.

Prevention and Recovery (Japan)

Akio Shimada, The Japanese Disaster Prevention, recovery and Relief Measures (Disaster Prevention Bureau NLA 2009).  

International emergency law

Alejandro Rodiles, 'Non-Permanent Members of the United Nations Security Council and the Promotion of the International Rule of Law' (2013) 5 GoJIL 333-373.

Emergency Management

Ana Maria Cruz, 'Engineering Contribution to the Field of Emergency Management' (2005) Department of Public Administration University of North Texas. 

Emergency and Constitutions

Andrej Zwitter, 'Constitutional Reform and Emergency Powers in Egypt and Tunisia' (2015) 7(2) Middle East Law and Governance 257<> accessed 7 May 2016.

Natural Disaster

Angela M. Eiknberry, Veronica Arroyave and Tracy Cooper, 'Administrative Failure and the International NGO Response to Hurricane Katrina' (2007) 67 Public Administration Review (Special Issue on Administrative Failure in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina) 160.

Natural Disaster

Anna Hood, 'Ebola: A Threat to the Parameters of a Threat to the Peace?'(2015) 16(1) Melbourne Journal of International Law 29. ‏>>

Terrorism Antonios Kouroutakis, "Islamic terrorism: The legal impact on the freedom of religion in the United States and Europe." BU Int'l LJ 34 (2016): 113.

Flood insurance (Britan)

Aparna Kirknel Majmudar, 'The National Flood Insurance Program: Maintaining Its Head Above Water' (2009) 16 U. Miami Int'l & Comp. L. Rev. 183.


Stanford University, 'Law and Catastrophe' in Austin Sarat, Lawrence Douglas and Martha Merrill Umphrey (eds)Law and Catastrophe (Stanford University Press 2007).

Emergency Powers/ Democracy, Human Rights.

Aziz Huq, 'Democratic Norms, Human Rights and States of Emergency: Lessons from the Experience of Four Countries' inDemocracy, Conflict and Human Society (International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance 2006).

Emergency Management and Recovery

Brenda Phillips, Dave Neal, Thomas Wikle, Aswin Subanthore and Shireen Hyrapiet, 'Mass Fatality Management After the Indian Ocean Tsunami' (2008) 17(5) Disaster Prevention and Management 681-697.

Emergency Powers (Britan)

Brian McGiverin, 'In the Face of Danger: A Comparative Analysis if the Use of Emergency Powers in the United States and the United Kingdom in the 20th Century' (2008) 18 Ind. Int'l & Comp. L. Rev. 233.

Emergencies and constitutions

Bruce Ackerman, 'The Emergency Constitution' (2004) 113(5) The Yale Law Journal 1029-1091

Recovery  (New Zealand)

Charlotte Brown, Mark Milke and Erica Seville, 'Legislative Implications of Managing Disaster Waste in New Zealand' (2010) 14 N.Z. J. Envtl. L. 261.

Emergency Management (New Zealand)

Chris Webb and David A. Mcentire, 'Emergency Management in New Zealand: Potential Disasters and Opportunities for Resilience' Comparative Emergency Management Book (2014).


Christopher Roberts, "From the State of Emergency to the Rule of Law: The Evolution of Repressive Legality in the Nineteenth Century British Empire" (2019) Chicago Journal of International Law 20 (1) Summer 2019.

Democracy, Human Rights.

Conor A. Gearty, 'The State of Freedom in Europe' (2015) 21(6) European Law Journal 706-721>> accessed 7 May 2016.

Emergency Management

Christopher Steven Marcum, Christine A. Bevc, and Carter T. Butts, 'Mechanisms of Control in Emergent Interorganizational Networks' (2012) 40(2) The Policy Studies Journal 516.

Emergency Powers

Claire Wright, 'Going Beyond the Roman Dictator: A Comprehensive Approach to Emergency Rule, With Evidence from Latin America' Department of Political Science  University of Salamanca (University of Salamanca, Published online 2011).

Emergency Powers and Terorism (Britan)

Clive Walker, 'Neighbor Terrorism and the All-Risks Policing of Terrorism' (2009)J. Nat'l Security L. & Pol'y 121-168.

Defense Planning(U.S.A)

Committee on Defense Manufacturing, Defense Manufacturing in 2010 and Beyond: Meeting the Changing Needs of National Defense (National Academy Press, Washington, D.C. 1999).

Emergency Powers Christian Kreuder-Sonnen. Emergency powers of international organizations: Between normalization and containment. Oxford University Press, 2019

Emergency Legislation (U.S.A)

Daniel H. Else, Defense Production Act: Purpose and Scope (Congressional Research Service 2009).

Terrorism and Legislation (U.S.A)

Daphne Barak-Erez, 'Terrorism Law Between the Executive and Legislative Models' (2009) 57 Am. J. Comp. L. 877.

Emergency Management

David A. McEntire, Christopher Fuller, Chad W. Johnston and Richard Weber, 'A Comparison of Disaster Paradigms: The Search for a Holistic Policy Guide' (2002) 62(3) Public Administration Review 267-281.

Emergency Management

David A. McEntire, Disciplines, Disasters and Emergency Management: The Convergence and Divergence of Concepts, Issues and Trends from the Research Literature (Springfield, Illinois 2007).


David Alexander, 'Towards the Development of a Standard in Emergency Planning' (2005) 14(2) Disaster Prevention and Management 158-175.

Civil Righits

David Cole, 'Judging the Next Emergency: Judicial Review and Individual Rights in Times of Crisis' (2004) 101(8) Michigan Law Review 2565.

Emergency Powers, Democracy David, Kuehn,and Yagil Levy, eds. Mobilizing Force: Linking Security Threats, Militarization, and Civilian Control. Lynne Rienner Publishers, Incorporated.

Emergency Management

David M. Neal, 'Effective Emergency Management: Reconsidering the Bureaucratic Approach' (1995) 19(4) Disasters 327-337.

Emergency Powers/ Democracy, Human Rights. (U.S.A)

International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance Democracy, Conflict and Human Security (2006).

Emergency Powers and Civil Righits (India)

Derek P. Jinks, 'The Anatomy of an Institutionalized Energy: Preventive Detention and Personal Liberty in India' (2001) 22 Mich. J. Int'l L. 311.

Natural Disaster (Turkey)

Derin N. Ural, Emergency Management in Turkey: Disasters Experienced, Lessons Learned, and Recommendations for the Future, in Comparative Emergency Management Book (2008).

Emergency Powers, Democracy, Human Rights.

Diane P. Wood, 'The Rule of Law in Times of Stress' (2003) The University of Chicago Law Review 70(1), 455-470. ‏ <>


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Emergency Management

E. L. Quarantelli, 'Disaster Crisis Management: A Summary of Research Findings' (1988) 25(4) Journal of hlanagement Studies.

Natural and Technological Disasters

E. L. Quarantelli, 'The Role of the Mass Communication System in Natural and Technological Disasters and Possible Extrapolation to Terrorism Situations' (2002) 4(4) Risk Management 7-21.

International Law

Elena Katselli and Sangeeta Shah, 'Current Developments Public International Law' (2003) 52(1) The International and Comparative Law Quarterly 245-255.

Terrorism (U.K)

Elena Katselli and Sangeeta Shah, 'September 11 and the UK Response' (2003) 52(1) The International and Comparative Law Quarterly 245- 255.

Emergency Management (Japan)

Emin Nazarov, 'Emergency Response Management in Japan' Crisis Management Center Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan (2011) <> accessed 18 May 2016.


Erik Auf der Heide, Disaster Response: Principles of Preparation and Coordination (Center of Excellence in Disaster Management & Humanitarian Asistance, 1989).

Insurance (U.S.A)

Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration, Fact Sheet <> accessed 18 May 2016.

Emergency Management (Japan)

Federica Ranghieri and Mikio Ishiwatari (eds.) Learning from Megadisasters: Lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake (World Bank Publications, 2014).

Flood disaster (India)

G.Venkata Bapalu, 'GIS in Flood Hazard Mapping: a Case Study of Kosi River Basin, India' (2008) 36(4) Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing 335-349.

Emergency Management

Gary A. Kreps and Susan Lovegren Bosworth, 'Disaster, Organizing and Role Enactment: A Structural Approach' (1993) 99(2) American Journal of Sociology 428-463.

Emergency Legislation (Brritan)

Geetha Mazarelo, 'Emergency Legislation in the United Kingdom' (2009) 11(3) Eur. J.L. Reform 323.

Coronavirus Giorgio Agamben, Where Are We Now?: The Epidemic as Politics. Eris, 2021

International emergency law

Giovanni Boggero, 'Without (State) Immunity, No (Individual) Responsibility' (2013) 5 GoJIL 2, 375-398.

Emergency Management/ Earthquakes (Turkey)

Hakan Cem Çetin, 'Disaster Crises Management in Turkey: 1999 Marmara Earthquake Case' (2013) 10(2) International Journal of Human Sciences 628.

Emergency Powers (U.S.A)

Harold C. Relyea, National Emergency Powers (Congressional Research Service, September 2001).

Emergency Mangment / Legislation (U.S.A)

Henry B. Hogue and Keith Bea, Federal Emergency Management and Homeland Security Organization: Historical Developments and Legislative Options (Congressional Research Service, June 2006).

Natural Disaster

Howard D. Swanson, 'The Delicate Art of Practicing Municipal Law Under Conditions of Hell and High Water' (2000) 76 N.D. L. Rev. 487.


Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015, Building the Resilience of Nations and Communities to Disasters (International Strategy for Disaster Reduction).

Emergency Management / Natural and Environmental disasters/prevention

Jack Pinkowski, Disaster Management Handbook (Nova Southeastern University
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 2008).

Emergency Management /  Local Government

Jeanne-Marie Col, 'Managing Disasters: The Role of Local Government' (2007) 67 Public Administration Review (Special Issue on Administrative Failure in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina) 114-124.

Emergencies and constitutions

John E. Finn, Constitutions in Crisis (Oxford University Press, 1991).

Emergency Powers

John Ferejohn and Pasquale Pasquino, 'The Law of the Exception: A Typology of Emergency Powers' (2004) 2 Int'l J. Const. L. 210.

Emergency Powers

Jules Lobel, 'Emergency Power and the Decline of Liberalism' (1989) 98(7) The Yale Law Journal 1385-1433.

International Humanitarian Law

Justin A. Fraterman, 'Criminalizing Humanitarian Relief: Are U.S Material Suppir for Terrorism Laws Compatible with International Humanitarian Law' (2014) 46(399) International Law and Politics 399-469.

Disaster Management (India)

Kailash Gupta, 'Disaster Management and India: Responding Internally and Simultaneously in Neighboring Countries' (14th Annual FEMA Emergency Management Higher Education Conference, June 2011).

Emergencies and Civil Liberties (India)

Kalyani Ramnath, 'ADM Jabalpur's Antecedents: Political Emergencies, Civil Liberties, and Arguments from Colonial Continuities in India' (2016) 31 Am. U. Int'l L. Rev. 209-251.

Emergency Powers (Britain)

Naim Kapucu, 'Emergency and Crisis Management in the United Kingdom: Disasters Experienced, Lessons Learned, and Recommendations for the Future' in David McEntire (ed.), Comparative Emergency Management Forthcoming (Available in FEMA webpag, 2010).


Karen L. Fowler, Nathan D. Kling and Milan D. Larson' Organizational Preparedness for Coping With a Major Crisis or Disaster' (2007) 46(1) Business & Society 1.


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Emergencies and constitutions/ Terrorism (U.S.A)

Kim Lane Scheppele, The International State of Emergency: Challenges to Constitutionalism after September 11 (Yale Legal Theory Workshop, 2006).

Emergencies and constitutions

Kim Lane Scheppele 'Small Emergencies' (2006) 40 Ga. L. Rev 835

Terrorism and Epidemiological Disaster

Lawrence O. Gostin, The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, JaMA, August 7, 2002- v.288, No. 5.

Legislation (India)

Lenneal J. Henderson, Emergency and Disaster: Pervasive Risk and Public Bureaucracy in Developing Nations, Public Organization Review: A Global Journal 4: 103–119 (2004).


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International law, Rule of Law

Kanetake, Machiko, The Interfaces between the National and International Rule of Law: A Framework Paper (August 15, 2014). Forthcoming in: M. Kanetake and A. Nollkaemper (eds.), The Rule of Law at the National and International Levels: Contestations and Deference (Oxford: Hart Publishing). ; Amsterdam Law School Research Paper No. 2014-44

Natural Disaster-pandemics

Mark A.Rothstein,  From SARS to Ebola: legal and ethical considerations for modern quarantine. Indiana Health Law Review 12.1 (2015).

Natural Disaster- Earthquakes

Mark Mitchelson, Haiti and Christchurch Earthquakes, School of Para-medicine and Emergency Management (2011).

Emergency Powers and Terorism

Mark Neocleous, The Problem with Normality: 
Taking Exception to “Permanent Emergency”, Global, Local, Political 2006 31: 191.

Emergency Management/ Natuaral Disaster

Martha Derthick, Where Federalism Didn't Fail, Public Administration Review, Vol. 67, Special Issue on Administrative Failure in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina, pp. 36-47  (Dec., 2007).

Natural Disaster

Matthew E. Kahn, THE DEATH TOLL FROM NATURAL DISASTERS: THE ROLE OF INCOME, GEOGRAPHY, AND INSTITUTIONS,The Review of Economics and Statistics, May 2005, 87(2): 271–284.

Emergency Powers/ Earthquakes  (New Zealand)

Matthew J McKillop Matthew J McKillop,  EMERGENCY POWERS OF THE NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT Sources, Limitations, and Sources, Limitations, and the Canterbury Earthquake the Canterbury Earthquake,  University of Otago Dunedin, October 2010.

Martial Law ( Turkey)

Mehmet Semih Gemalmaz, 1920-1950 Martial Law: Is It An Additional Mesure or A Main Instrument For Repression? Perspectives And Texts, Turkish Yearbook Of Human Righits, pp.85- 115 (1991).

Emergency Constitution

Mitchell F. Crusto, State of Emergency: An Emergency Constitution Revisited.61 Loyola Law Review 471(2015).‏

Communication During Emergencies:

Naim Kapucu, Interagency Communication Networks During Emergencies: Boundary Spanners in Multiagency, The American Review of Public Administration 2006 36: 207

Emergency Management

Naim Kapucu, Tolga Arslan and Matthew Lloyd Collins, Examining Intergovernmental and  Interorganizational  Response to Catastrophic  Disasters: Toward a  Network-Centered  Approach, Administration & Society 42(2) 222 –247 (2007).

Emergency Powers (India)

Nasser Hussain, Towards a Jurisprudence of Emergency: Colonialism and the Rule of Law. Law and Critique 10: 93–115, (1999).

Theory, Rule of Law

Niklas Luhmann. "Law as a social system." 2008.

international rule fo law

Om Prakash Gautam, The mythe of international rule of law in context of kadi decision,International Journal of Research Vol-1, Issue-8, September 2014.

Emergency Powers

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Oren Gross, The Prohibition on Torture and the Limits of Law, in Torture: a Collection 229 (Sanford Levinson ed.,(2004)

Emergencies and constitutions

Oren Gross, Chaos and Rules: Should Responses to Violent Crises Always Be Constitutional?, 112 YALE L.J. 1011 (2003)

Emergency Powers

Oren Gross, The Normless and Exceptionless Exception: Carl Schmitt's Theory of Emergency Powers and The "Norm- Exception" Dichotomy, Cardozo L. Rev. 1825 1999-2000

Epidemiological Disaster

P Ramanujam, Miriam Aschkenasy, Identifying the Need for Pre-hospital and Emergency Care in the Developing World : A Case Study in Chennai, India, JAPI, VOL. 55 , JULY 2007.

Constitustion and Rights in Time of Emergency (India)

Rebecca Sandler, A Constitution Can Protect Fundamental Rights in Times of Emergency: Lessons from India and the Philippines.


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Recovery (U.S.A)

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Prevention and Recovery

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Natural Disaster

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Economic State of Emergency.


Emergency Managemen

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pg. 125.

The Rule of Law

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Nuclear Disaster (Japan)

The National Diet of Japan, The official report of The Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission (2012).

Social Emergency

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Rule of War (U.S.A)


Economic Crisis

Todd J. Zywicki, "The Rule of Law During Times of Economic Crisis." (2015).‏

International Law

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University of Chicago Law School, November 15, 2013.

Emergency Management

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Emergency Powers

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Emergency Management

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Rule of Law

Webber, Grégoire CN. "Rights and the rule of law in the balance." Law quarterly review 129.July (2013): 399-419

Emergency Powers / Terrorism

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Emergency Powers and Terorism

William E. Scheuerman, Survey Article: Emergency Powers and the Rule of Law After 9/11, The Journal of Political Philosophy: Volume 14, Number 1, 2006, pp. 61–84.

Economic State of Emergency.

William E. Scheuerman, THE ECONOMIC STATE OF EMERGENCY, Cardozo L. Rev. 1869 1999-2000 .

Emergency Management

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 Emergencies and constitutions

Xenophon Contiades and Alkmene Fotiadou, On Resilience of Constitutions. What Makes Constitutions Resistant to External Shocks? (March 7, 2015). Vienna Journal of International Constitutional Law, Vol. 9, Issue 1, 2015. 

Available at SSRN:

 Emergency Powers

Yoav Mehozay, The Fluid Jurisprudence of Israel’s Emergency Powers: Legal Patchwork as a Governing Norm, Law & Society Review, Volume 46, Number 1 (2012).

Emergency Powers and a state of war

אדם קרן, הסדרים חוקתיים העוסקים במצבי חירום ומצב מלחמה- סקירה משווה, מרכז המחקר והמידע (8 בדצמבר 2003).

Emergency Powers and civil organizations

אהוד פראוור וגל אלון, מצע לדיון: המדינה וארגוני החברה האזרחית במצבי חירום, משרד ראש הממשלה (אוגוסט 2007).

Human Righits and National Security (Israel)

אהרון ברק, "זכויות אדם ובטחון לאומי", משפטים לח(1) תשס"ח.

Emergency Powers and Terorism

הודיה קין ודפנה בן-פורת, הסדרי חקיקה שמטרתם מאבק במימון טרור- משפט משווה, מרכז המידע של הכנסת ( 24 בפבואר 2003).

Emergency Powers

יהודה שנהב, כריסטוף שמידט, שמשון צלינקר, לפנים משורת הדין: החריג ומצב החירום (2006).

Human Righits and National Security (Israel)

יעל רונן, תחולתו של חוק יסוד: כבוד האדם וחירותו בגדה המערבית, שערי משפט ז (תשע"ד).

Human Righits and National Security (Israel)

יצחק זמיר, "זכויות האדם ובטחון המדינה", משפטים י"ט, תשמ"ט.

Legislation (Israel)

מנחם הופנונג, הסדרי חירום וחקיקת- חירום בישראל (1991).

Recovery (Israel)

מנחם הופנונג, מחיר המידע: קליטה ושיקום של סייעני מערכת הבטחון בערי ישראל, המחלקה למדע המדינה, האוניברסיטה העברית (27/4/2014).

Emergency Legislation (Israel)

מרגית כהן, "מעשי טלאים" בדיני החירום", משפטים כ"ט, תשנ"ט.

Emergency Powers and  Democracy (Israel)

שולחן עגול בנושא: דמוקרטיה במצבי חירום, מנחה מר ישראל סגל, 29 בינואר 2002.

Emergency Legislation (Israel)

שמעון שטרית, "חקיקת חירום בישראל לאור הצעת חוק-יסוד: החקיקה", משפט וממשל א' תשנ"ג.