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Selected Publications

Civil Law

Venditti, Carlo, Denard Veshi and Enkelejda Koka “The Transformation of Right to Property in the Post-Communist Period in Albania: The Impact of the Italian Civil Code in the Ways of Acquisition of Ownership in the Albanian Civil Code of 1994” Osservatorio Del Diritto Civile E Commerciale 1/2020, 391-414.

Venditti, Carlo, Raffaele Picaro, and Denard Veshi. “Introduction to Albanian Property Law: Similarities and Differences between the Albanian and Italian Legal Systems”, Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, Naples, 2021. (ISSBN 978-88-495-4536-4)


Refugee Law

Veshi, Denard. “Refugee Flow: A Law and Economics approach”, Springer, Berlin, 2022 (editing)

Veshi, Denard. “The definition of “refugee” in the 1951 Convention: some legal reflections.” In Connecting the European Union of shared aims, freedoms, values and responsibilities. European Union and its values: freedom, solidarity, democracy, eds. Agnieszka Kłos, Jan Misiuna, Marta Pachocka, Aleksandra Szczerba-Zawada, CEDEWU, Warsaw 2020.

Veshi, Denard. “The EU Regulatory Competition in Asylum Law.” Central European Journal of Public Policy 1.ahead-of-print (2020).

Koka, Enkelejda, and Denard Veshi. “Irregular Migration by Sea: Interception and Rescue Interventions in Light of International Law and the EU Sea Borders Regulation.” European Journal of Migration and Law 21.1 (2019): 26-52.



Veshi, Denard, et al. “End-of-Life Decisions in Albania: The Call for an Ethical Revision.” Liverpool Law Review (2020): 1-16.

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Veshi, Denard. “End-of-life decisions in Italy: an overview of the current situation.” Liverpool Law Review 38.2 (2017): 231-242.

Veshi, Denard, and Gerald Neitzke. “Advance directives in some Western European Countries: a legal and ethical comparison between Spain, France, England, and Germany.” European Journal of Health Law 22.4 (2015): 321-345.

Veshi, Denard, and Gerald Neitzke. “Living wills in Italy: ethical and comparative law approaches.” European Journal of Health Law 22.1 (2015): 38-60.

Veshi, Denard. “I costi della non autosufficienza in Italia: il ruolo del settore pubblico e di quello privato.” Politica del diritto 46.2 (2015): 361-376.