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Hate Speech – an Interdisciplinary Approach

International Workshop

The Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions at the University of Haifa

in collaboration with

Freie Universität Berlin and

Technischen Universität Berlin


Organizer: Adv. Ido Rosenzweig

Part 1: January 17-19, 2022
University of Haifa, Israel

Part 2: TBD
Berlin, Germany 

Although hate speech is by no means a new phenomenon, and although its contours are not easily defined, recent years have shown an alarming rise in hate speach incidents, especially through the growth of social networks.
Hate speech singles out groups on the basis of their race (i.e., racism), their foreign origin (xenophobia), and their ethnic or religious affiliation (such as anti-Semitism and Islamophobia). Hate speech, causes psychological harm to those targeted, and can, among other things, lead to silencing effects in public discourse, diminished social trust, a decline in media credibility and pro-social intentions - thus it threatens societal cohesion and, in many cases, also leads to physical violence and other types of hate crimes.
This workshop focuses on theoretical, empirical, normative and practical aspects of hate speech from interdisciplinary perspectives and fields. 

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Program (local Israel time)

Monday, January 17

10:00 – 10:10 – Prof. Eli Salzberger, Head of the Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions: Opening words

10:10 – 11:20 – Elena Abrusci, Brunel University London, A local response to a global phenomenon? The role of national, regional and international human rights institutions in supporting social media companies tackling online hate speech.

Chair: Prof. Gad Barzilai, University of Haifa

11:20 – 11:30 – Coffee break

11:30 – 12:40 – Tegan Snyman, Erasmus School of Law, Recognising gender identity as an internationally protected ground against hate speech.

Chair: Ido Rosenzweig, University of Haifa

12:40 – 12:50 – Coffee break

12:50 – 14:00 – Giovanni De Gregorio, Centre for Socio-legal Studies, University of Oxford, The Lawlessness of Moderating Online Hate Speech.

Chair: Karolina Placzynta, TU Berlin



Tuesday, January 18

10:10 – 11:10 – Keynote presentation: Prof. Gabriel Weimann, Department of Communication at University of Haifa,  The Virus of Hate.

Chair: Prof. Dr. Martin Emmer, FU Berlin

11:10 – 11:25 – coffee break

11:25 – 12:35 – Laura Dellagiacoma, IDZ, Online platforms users and the perpetration of online hate speech: the opposite effects of right-wing authoritarianism and social dominance orientation.

Chair: Dr. Laura Ascone, TU Berlin

12:35 – 12:50 – Coffee break

12:50 – 14:00 – Ursula Kristin Schmid, Department of Media and Communication, LMU Munich, How Social Media User Perceive Different Forms of Online Hate Speech.

Chair: Dr. Sünje Paasch-Colberg, FU Berlin


Wednesday, January 19

10:00 – 11:10 – Efrat Fudem, College and Management & Assaf Derri, University of Haifa, Some of them Want to Abuse you: Re-adjusting Defamation Law to Combat Hate-Speech Abuses of Freedom of Speech.

Chair: Dr. Hadeel Abu Hussein, University of Haifa


11:10 – 11:25 – coffee break

11:25 – 12:35 – Eva Nave, Leiden University, Online hate speech a legal conceptualization.

Chair: Prof. Dr. Anne van Aaken, University of Hamburg


12:35 – 12:50 – Coffee break

12:50 – 14:00 – Leon Ritter,  Hagen University, The Impact of National Hate Speech Regulations on Citizens’ Perceptions of Democratic Freedoms.

Chair: Prof. Deborah Shmueli, University of Haifa

14:00 – 14:15 – Concluding remarks

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Participation is free but requires prior registration via this link

For questions and requsts please contact Ido Rosenzweig via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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