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Legislatures in the Time of Covid-19. Special issue of The Theory and Practice of Legislation. Volume 8, 2020

The Rule of Law in Times of Health Crises. ROLE-UK, Advocates for International Development (A4ID),

The Regulatory Review, Comparing Nations’ Responses to COVID-19 - Series of Essays

David Pozen and Kim Lane Scheppele (2020) Executive Underreach, in Pandemics and Otherwise. American Journal of International Law, Forthcoming

special issue of DPCEonline focused on legal reactions to Covid-19 from a comparative perspective, edited by Arianna Vedaschi. (All papers have English abstracts)

Meet the Philosopher Who Is Trying to Explain the Pandemic. Giorgio Agamben criticizes the “techno-medical despotism” of quarantines and closings.Giorgio Agamben criticizes the “techno-medical despotism” of quarantines and closings. Christopher Caldwell, Opinion, The New York Times, August 21, 2020
See also:
Agamben, Giorgio. Where Are We Now?: The Epidemic as Politics. Eris, 2021.

Explainer: what is a ‘state of disaster’ and what powers does it confer? Anne Twomey, The Conversation, August 2, 2020

משבר הקורונה ואמון הציבור בשלטון בישראל - פנינה שרביט ברוך ומרדכי קרמניצר (מתוך פודקאסטרטגי 131) 23.7.2020 INSS

Italy and COVID-19: A Call for an “Italian Emergency Constitution”? Arianna Vedaschi, Just Security, May 12, 2020

The State of Emergency Virus. Christian Bjørnskov and Stefan Voigt, Verfassungsblog, 19 Apr 2020

השימוש בצבא במשבר הקורונה. אדם שנער, IDC Law Blog 20 באפריל 2020

Verfassungsblog. On Matters Constitutional. Debate ,COVID 19 and State of Emergency

Tom Gerald Daly: Democracy and the Global Emergency – Shared Experiences, Starkly Uneven Impacts. May 15, 2020
Ester Herlin-Karnell: Corona and the Absence of a Real Constitutional Debate in Sweden. 10 April 2020
Sébastien Platon- From One State of Emergency to Another – Emergency Powers in France, 9 April, 2020
Tamar Hostovsky Brandes - Israel’s Perfect Storm: Fighting Coronavirus in the Midst of a Constitutional Crisis. 7 April, 2020
Arianna Vedaschi, Chiara Graziani: Coronavirus Emergency and Public Law Issues: An Update on the Italian Situation. March 12, 2020

IMF (International Monetary Fund): Policy responses to COVID-19, March 25, 2020