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בלוג סיווג בטחוני - המכון הישראלי לדמוקרטיה

הבלוג של הסניף הישראלי של ICON-S - האגודה הבין לאומית למשפט ציבורי : ICON-S -IL blog


Rule of Law and Crisis

Legal Protection of the Media in Armed Conflict: Gaza. Michael N. Schmitt. Articles of War, Lieber Institute, West Point, May 18, 2021

Disasters and Emergencies: Legal authorities and the military’s role. Charlie Dunlap, J.D. Lawfire, 21 SEPTEMBER 2017

Emergency! But what about legal protection in the EU? Tom Binder, EU Law Enforcement blog, Posted on August 31, 2017

OpenDemocracy: Turkey’s draft constitutional amendments: harking back to 1876? By Ahmet Erdi Ozturk and İştar Gözaydin, 20 December 2016.

Blog of the IACL, AIDC: Professor Selin Esen-Analysis: Judicial Control of Decree-Laws in Emergency Regimes — A Self-Destruction Attempt by the Turkish Constitutional Court?
December 19, 2016

EJIL: Talk! - Blog of the European Journal of International Law: Giulio Bartolini: The Draft Articles on “The Protection of Persons in the Event of Disasters”: Towards a Flagship Treaty?

Opinio Juris:  Emerging Voices: ‘Sovereignty in the Age of Global Terrorism’ What is the Role of International Organizations? by Myriam Feinberg, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions, University of Haifa.

iconnectblog: The Emergency Constitution of Greece: Ideal on Paper, Inefficient in Reality.  Antonios Kouroutakis, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Constitution-making and Constitutional Change blog: Poland: constitutional crisis or coup d’etat? by Bartosz Marciniak.


War crimes without criminal accountability? The case of Active Protection Systems. Michael Kurt Riepl, LL.M. (Geneva Academy), Humanitarian Law and Policy (International law), June 1, 2016

Blog of the Cyber Forum - a joint project of the Haifa Center for Law & Technology (HCLT) and the Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions at the University of Haifa, dedicated to the study of cyber regulation. ​The main goal of the Forum is to promote research activities in the fields of Cyberspace, Extreme Conditions and Law and Technology.

Emerging Voices: Powers of the Security Council to Make Determinations Under Article 39 of the Charter in Case of Cyber Operations, by Janos Ferencz. Opinio Juris, August 10, 2015.

Court Rules Against Microsoft: Questions of Data, Territoriality, and the Government’s Search Authority Headed to the 2d Circuit – by Jennifer Daskal

Emerging Voices: Cyber Operations and the Prohibition of the Threat of Force- by Francois Delerue

War and Terror

Counter-Terrorism Committee: Addressing the Role of Women in Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism. By Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, Just Security, September 17, 2015

What the UN report on Gaza left out. By Laurie R. Blank. The Hill, July 07, 2015 

Analysis of the U.N. Report on 2014 Gaza Conflict: The Distorting Effect of Flawed Foundations. By Professor Geoffrey Corn, USA (re t.), JINSA, June 25, 2015

What to Make of the UN's Special Commission Report on Gaza? By Benjamin Wittes, Yishai Schwartz, Lawfare blog, June 24, 2015

European Court decides that Israel Is not occupying Gaza. Marko Milanovic, AJIL - Blog of the European Journal of International Law, June 17, 2015.

A New Case on Torture in Europe: Cestaro v. Italy,    Pietro Pustorino, Blog of the European Journal of International Law May 13, 2015

Torture: No One Said No. By David Cole. New York Review of books. March 6, 2015

The Palestinian Accession to the Rome Statute and the Question of the Settlements by Ido Rosenzweig. Opinio Juris, January 22nd, 2015

It’s Time to Pass the USA Freedom Act—Warts and Allby Elizabeth Goitein, October 2, 2014

Here’s the New U.S.-Afghanistan Bilateral Security Agreemen by Daphne Eviatar

Questions of Legal Warfare - by Ido Rosenzweig, Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions, The Times of Israel blog, July 13, 2014

How Israel Can (Lawfully) Avoid an ICC Investigation into the West Bank Settlements by Sigall Horovitz, Opinio Juris, March 3rd, 2013

No, they can’t sue Palestine at the ICC by Sigall Horovitz, The Times of Israel blog, May 8, 2014

International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda: the truth about the ICC and Gaza. Under the laws of the Hague court, my office can only investigate alleged war crimes in Palestine if it grants us jurisdiction in its territory. It has not done so.

Can Israel Cut Off Water and Power to Gaza?

    -  Legal opinion by Prof. Bell, submitted to the Knesset on 14.7.2014

    -  Opinion by Prof. Eric Posner, 24.7.2014

     - Contradicting Legal opinion by 12 Israeli international-law scholars submitted to the Knesset on 20.7.2014

     - Opinion by Prof. Michael Bothe - 18/7/2014

     - Prof. Kevin Jon Heller summarizes the debate

Does the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 constitute a war crime, and if it does, where would the alleged perpetrators face justice? BY Alexis Flynn

Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation:  The annual report of the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation into the operation of the Terrorism Acts in the U.K was released on July 22.

Legal Avenues to Prosecute a US Citizen for War crimes -The Case of Gotabaya Rajapaksa By Ryan Goodman

The link to the report


Emergency Management

Patchwork solution on horizon for people fleeing disasters Megan Rowling, Thomson Reuters Foundation,11 May 2015

Ukraine, the ICCPR and State of Emergency Declarations. by Annemarie Stomp, Research intern with the State of Emergency Project and Prof. Dr. Andrej Zwitter, University of Groningen 

Effective Law and Regulation for Disaster Risk Reduction: A Multi-country Report” (June 2014) A report released by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

Comparative and Global Law in Crisis, Durham Law School 

מאיר אלרן ואלכס אלטשולר -INSS- משמעויות ביטולו של המשרד להגנת העורף


Natural Disasters

Ebola: a security crisis? Conciliation Resources

Socio-Economic Crisis

Socio-Economic Rights and the Economic Crisis - I•CON Debate Review by Brian Ray


I·CONnect the blog of the International Journal of Constitutional Law