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Rivka Brot-1Rivka Brot was a post-doctoral fellow in the Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions at the University of Haifa, Faculty of Law and the Geography and Environmental Studies Department between 2015-2017. In her research, she examined issues of law and order at the "Space of Exception", focusing on the administration of law in Jewish Displaced Persons Camps in the American Occupation Zone in Germany (1945-1949). Her doctoral research, written at the Zvi Meitar Center for Advanced Legal Studies, Faculty of Law, Tel-Aviv University, examined the necessary relationship between law and the community it practices in, focusing on legal proceedings against Jews suspected of collaboration with the Nazis, held in Jewish DP camps and in the State of Israel. The dissertation was written under the supervision of Professor Leora Bilsky, faculty of law, Tel Aviv University, and Professor David Myers, former chair, history department UCLA. Rivka holds an LL.B and LL.M (cum laude) from Tel Aviv University. During her MA and doctoral studies, Rivka granted several scholarships and awards, among them a scholarship for distinguished LLM and PhD students of the Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv University Raoul Wallenberg Prize in Human Rights and Holocaust Studies and Dan David Young Researchers Scholarship Award. Rivka was a research fellow at the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, the United States holocaust Memorial Museum (2011) and a Pozen foundation fellow (2013-2014). Rivka published several articles regarding her research topics. In the year 2015-16 she will teach a seminar, "From Nuremberg to Jerusalem: The Holocaust in the Courtroom", in the Jewish History Department, Haifa University.