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Olga FrishmanOlga Frishman was a post-doctoral fellow at the Minerva Centre for the Rule of Law under Extreme Condition in 2015. She also taught the course “Contemporary Issues in Israel” at the Bonita Trust International LL.M. Program at Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Law. Recently, she was a Golda Meir/Lady Davis post-doctoral fellow at the Hebrew University, Faculty of Law. Olga was also a researcher at the ERC-funded Global Trust Project at Tel Aviv University and a visiting researcher at the Institute of Global Law and Policy (IGLP) at Harvard Law School. Olga holds a Ph.D. (at the direct program towards a Ph.D. in Law) from the Zvi Meitar Centre for Advanced Legal Studies at Tel Aviv University. Her dissertation, titled “Courts ant their Audiences: Organisational Identity, Organisational Images, Intended Images, and Institutional Isomorphism” was written under the supervision of Professor Eyal Benvenisti. She received her LL.B. (summa cum laude, 1st in class) and her B.A. (magna cum laude) in the field of management from Tel Aviv University as part of the Tel Aviv University Adi Lautman Monodisciplinary Program for Fostering Excellence. Olga clerked for Justice Asher Grunis at the Supreme Court of Israel. In 2013, Olga co-organized the “Law in Changing Transntational World” workshop, the first international workshop for young scholars at the Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Law. She also co-organized the Theory and Philosophy of Law doctoral workshop. She had served as a teaching assistant for a variety of courses. Olga received the “Abba Even Scholarship for Diplomacy and International law” as well as the “Law, Transnational Space and Human Rights” research grant from the Minerva Center for Human Rights at Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Law.