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Jian Jiang 2021Jian Jiang was a PhD research fellow at the Minerva Centre for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions in 2017-2019. His research areas cover laws and regulations in cybersecurity, torts, competition law and regulations on network industries, and financial law. He is specialized in interdisciplinary legal analysis (applying the methods of law and economics), theoretical economic modelling, and empirical legal study. His PhD title was awarded in the programme “European Doctorate in Law and Economics” by Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Bologna, University of Haifa, and University of Hamburg. Before this, Jian obtained an LLM (Bonn University), an MBA in Germany, as well as a B.E. in China. His previous professional experience includes roles as a scientific staff in University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, as a data analyst in Siemens, as the regional manager of Shanghai in China Mobile, as well as a founder of a small-sized high-technology company in China.