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Robert NeufeldRobert Neufeld is a post-doctoral fellow at the Minerva Centre for the Rule of Law under Extreme Condition at the University of Haifa. Robert research interests include international law, International Humanitarian law, Security law, Military law and emergency law. His research, conducted with Prof. Eli  Salzberger and Prof. Shlomo Mizrahi, is focusing on the regulatory framework of the Israeli emergency laws.

Until retiring from active service in the IDF, Robert has served in numerous positions in the Military Advocate General Corps and the Military Ombudsman, including Commander of the IDF’s School of Military Law, Head of the Operational Law Branch in the IDF International Law Department, Legal Advisor to the Israel Air Force, Israel Navy and IDF Home Front Command, Chief Regional Military Prosecutor, Judge Advocate for the Israel Air Force, Legal Advisor to the Intelligence Directorate and Legal Advisor to the Technology and Logistics Directorate.

Robert holds an LLB as well as LLM (Magna cum Laude) from Tel Aviv University, and a PhD from the University of Haifa. His PhD work - "The Impact of political motives on the legality of actions in current warfare under International Humanitarian Law" has examined the adaptability of International Humanitarian Law to modern warfare, current military thought and military doctrines, and the growing political aspects of the use of force.

Recorded talk With Prof. Eli Salzberger: Management of Emergencies in Israel: Towards a Comprehensive Doctrine and Legislative-Regulative Framework. 
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