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Sri Lanka, Facing ‘Worst’ Marine Disaster, Investigates Cargo Ship Fire. Aanya Wipulasena and Mujib Mashal, The New York Times, June 1, 2021

Beirut explosion: Frantic search for survivors of deadly blast. BBC News, 05 August, 2020

Beirut explosion generated seismic waves equivalent of a magnitude 3.3 earthquake. Paul P. Murphy and Judson Jones, CNN, 5 August, 2020

Lebanon: at least 78 killed as huge explosion rocks Beirut. Martin Chulov in Beirut and Michael Safi in Amman Julian Borger in Washington, The Guardian, 5 Aug 2020

Arctic Circle oil spill: Russian prosecutors order checks at permafrost sites. BBC, 5 June 2020

Arctic Circle oil spill prompts Putin to declare state of emergency. BBC News, June 4, 2020

Climate change: Ireland declares climate emergency. BBC, May 9, 2019

UK Parliament declares climate change emergency. BBC, 1 May, 2019

Climate emergency' declared by Welsh Government. BBC, 29 April 2019

Italy bridge: State of emergency follows Genoa disaster. BBC, Aug. 15, 2018

Indonesia Has Declared a State of Emergency as Borneo Oil Spill Spreads. Eli Meixler, Time, April 4, 2018

How One Houston Suburb Ended Up in a ReservoirHow One Houston Suburb Ended Up in a Reservoir. Tim Wallace and others, NY Times, March 22, 2018How One Houston Suburb Ended Up in a Reservoir. Tim Wallace and others, NY Times, March 22, 2018

What Trump's opioid announcement means -- and doesn't mean. Dan Merica, CNN, October 27, 2017
Trump declares opioid epidemic a national public health emergency. Dan Merica, CNN, October 26, 2017

Grenfell Tower: £5m emergency fund won't affect legal aid eligibility. Monidipa Fouzder, The Law Society Gazette, 14 July 2017

Hundreds of Israeli buildings ‘as vulnerable’ as London’s Grenfell Tower. Raoul Wootliff and Melanie Lidman, Times of Israel, June 26, 2017 

London Grenfell Tower: candlelit vigil for victims after grief turned to anger at earlier protests. Barney Henderson Danny Boyle Helena Horton. The Telegraph, June 17, 2017
Israel Fire Updates: Homes Burn Near Jerusalem as Haifa Blaze Calms. Haaretz, November 25, 2016

a60,000 flee massive fires raging across Haifa; arson suspected.  Times of Israel, November 24, 2016

Protesters take to streets as New Delhi chokes under smoke cloud. Annie Gowen, the Washington Post, November 6, 2016

"מתוסכלים שהחוק לא נאכף": מאות דונמים נשרפו בי-ם בעקבות ל"ג בעומרעדי חשמונאי, וואלה 27 במאי 2016 

700  דונם של יער נשרפו בגבעה הירוקה היחידה בתחומי ירושלים. ברמות ובשלושה מוקדים נוספים פונו עשרות בתים בעת השריפות בבירה. מצפה נפתוח, שבו אירעה השריפה הגדולה, נמצא במוקד של עימות בין העירייה ומשרד האוצר, שמבקש לבנות בו שכונה. ניר חסון וגילי כהן, הארץ, 26.5.2016

Jerusalem forest fire prompts residents to evacuate neighborhoods. By JPOST.COM Staff, Alon Hochmon/MAARIV, May 26, 2016

Spain Evacuates 9,000 From Massive Tire Fire Near Madrid. Alan Clendenning and Ciaran Giles, Associated Press, May 13, 2016

דליפת הברום בדימונה: המשרד להגנת הסביבה פתח בחקירה פלילית נגד רכבת ישראל. יובל בגנו מעריב,  22.3.2016

תביעה ייצוגית מוגשת נגד רכבת ישראל. יערה שפירא, גלי צה"ל, 22.3.2016

Four hurt in Dimona train crash that caused bromine gas leak Nearby residents told to stay indoors. Times of Israel, March 15, 2016

The Flint disaster is Rick Snyder’s fault. By Dana Milbank Opinion writer, The Washington Post, January 25, 2016

State of Emergency Declared Over Man-Made Water Disaster in Michigan City. By Ashley Southall,  The New York Times, Jan 17, 2016

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TIMELINE: Here's how the Flint water crisis unfolded. By MARK BRUSH, REBECCA WILLIAMS & LINDSEY SMITH & LINDSEY SCULLEN, the Michigan radio, DEC 21, 2015

Shock figures to reveal deadly toll of global air pollution. World Health Organisation describes new data as ‘health emergency’, with rising concern likely to influence decision over Heathrow expansion. John Vidal and Toby Helm, The Guardian, Saturday 16 January 2016.

California Governor Declares Gas Leak a State of Emergency. Ellen Knickmeyer and Brian Melley, Jan 6, 2016

Reflections on the Paris Conference. Daniel Bodansky, Opinio Juris, Dec. 15, 2015

New UN Report Details Link between Climate Change and Human Rights. Released on Human Rights Day, ahead of the finalization of a new climate agreement, Climate Change and Human Rights provides a comprehensive study of the links between human rights law and climate change. Dec 10, 2015.

Beijing issues first pollution red alert as smog engulfs capital. Alert will prompt schools and factories to close and force millions of vehicles off roads after smog reached 40 times safe level in some areas. The Guardian, 7 December 2015

Council approves $1 million disaster assistance program for sewer backup victims Nancy Hicks,  Lincoln Journal Star, June 15, 2015 

Cabinet in Fiji is expected to make a decision this week on the declaration of an environmental emergency in certain public places in Suva that have been affected by the waste water spillageSiteri Sauvakacolo,Fiji Times, Dec 28, 2014


Gulf of Mexico oil spill: BP finally gets disaster closure with $18.7bn payoutTom Bawden, The independent,   03 July 2015

BP, Macondo contractors resolve oil spill claims against each other. Collin Eaton, fuelfix, May 20, 2015

BP Settles Deepwater Horizon Claims With Transocean, Halliburton Companies end dispute over claims stemming from 2010 disaster in Gulf of MexicoRussell Gold, Wall Street Journal,  May 20, 2015. 

BP faces never ending legal battle for Deepwater disaster. Deepwater Horizon spill could haunt British oil major for years to come, as the US prepares for a trial that may see the company fined nearly $14bn. The Telegraph, Jan. 18 2015

Lac-Megantic, Canada

CP Rail legal challenge plunges Lac-Megantic settlement into question. Iuseppe Valiante , The Canadian Press, Jun. 15, 2015

Settlement money announced for victims of Lac-Mégantic rail disaster. By Justin Giovannetti, The Globe and Mail, Jan. 09 2015.

Canada oil train disaster settlement growing, nearly halfway to $500 million goal. AP, Dec 24, 2014

Fukushima, Japan

Tokyo Electric executives to be charged over Fukushima nuclear disaster. Kentaro Hamada and Osamu Tsukimori, Reuters, Tokyo, Jul 31, 2015

7,000 Tochigi residents seek compensation over Fukushima nuclear disaster. KYODO, The Japan Times,  June 15, 2015 

Ex-Futaba mayor sues state, Tepco over Fukushima nuclear disaster. The Japan Times, May 21, 2015

Nuclear power in Japan, Legal fallout: Court cases frustrate efforts to restart Japan’s nuclear plants. The Economist, Apr 25th 2015.

Prosecutors won't indict former Tepco executives over Fukushima disasterReuters, TOKYO, Dec 25, 2014

Bhopal, India

Obama and Modi agree to limit US liability in case of nuclear disaster. Decision set to lead to contracts worth billions of dollars but hopes for a US-China-style air pollution deal are dashed. Dan Roberts, The Guardian, Sunday 25 January 2015

Bhopal survivors urge Modi, Obama to end 'ongoing' Bhopal disaster. The five organisations working for the rights of the survivors of the Bhopal gas disaster on Sunday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President

Barack Obama to end the ongoing disaster in Bhopal in its fourth decade. India Blooms News Service, Jan 25 2015

The Long Struggle for Justice 30 years After the Bhopal Disaster.Paul M. Barrett, Business Week 15-12-2014

25,000 killed, 500,000 poisoned: Bhopal demands justice 30 yrs after world’s worst chem disaster. December 03, 2014 15:04