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Denard Veshi was a PhD fellow with the Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions between 2015-2018. His research areas include comparative law, medical law, refugee law and he is specialized in interdisciplinary research. Denard holds a M.Sc. (cum Laude) from University of Bologna, School of Law and M.A. in Insurance and Welfare Law from LIUC University. In 29.01.2016, he was awarded with a PhD title from the Joint International Doctoral Degree in “Law, Science and Technology” (LAST-JD) from University of Bologna (Italy), University of Turin (Italy), University Autonomous of Barcelona (Spain), Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania), University of Tilburg (the Netherlands) and University of Luxemburg (Luxemburg). Moreover, in 19.11.2020, he was awarded with the PhD in European Doctorate in “Law & Economics” (EDLE) from Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands), University of Bologna (Italy), University of Hamburg (Germany) and University of Haifa (Israel). While he was the first PhD fellow awarded with the LAST-JD title, he is also the first PhD fellow funded by University of Haifa in the EDLE programme. From October 2019, he is the Chair of the Jean Monnet EU Centre of Excellence at University of New York Tirana, which is the first EU Centre of Excellence in Albania. In addition to that, in September 2020, he became the Director of the Albanian School of Advocates. Denard has won five different Jean Monnet Activities, where in three of them, he is also the leader.

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