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Upcoming events and seminar talks 

In regular times, talks are held at the Center, located in the Terrace Building (Hamadrega), room 1013. For a map see here
In Corona times, all events are on-line in virtual space. All talks and events are recorded and available in YouTube

April 7
Event for the publication of Dr. Dana Schmalz's book: "Refugees, Democracy and the Law: Political Rights at the Margins of the State"

April 28
Dr. Sharon Gordon
Democratic Deadlock and Leadership - Germany and Austria and the Rise of Nazism/Fascism

May 5
Gad Barzilai and Rottem Rosenberg-Rubins: The Intersection of International Law and Domestic Law in Counterterrorism: A Prologue

May 19
Shelly Aviv Yeini

June 2
Ina Kubbe and Rosa da Costa: The Role of Corruption and Human Rights Violations in Migratory Flows: Impact and Perceptions

June 16
Rawia Aburabia: The Law on the Books Versus the Law in Action: Muslim Women in Polygamous Marriages under the Jewish State

June 22 at 18:00 (Israel time)
Event with Dr. Craig Jones on his newly published book: "The War Lawyers - The United States, Israel, and Juridical Warfare"

June 23, June 28 and June 30, 2020
Workshop: Relations between 'the State' and Civil Society/NGOs in Times of COVID-19: Insights and Lessons for Future Emergencies. See here for Call for Proposals

October 3-17
The 4th Young Researchers Workshop on Terrorism and Belligerency: "Human Enhancement and Advanced Technologies in Terrorism and Belligerencies"

TBD (May + December?)
International Workshops: “Hate Speech – an interdisciplinary approach”

International Research Workgroup on Rightlessness in Comparative and International Law

For ideas and suggestions on talks - contact Michal at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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