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Workshops, Discussions, book talks and Conferences

October 27, 2021
International webinar: COVID-19 Impacts and Takeaways for Policy and Planning (with the National Knowledge and Research Center for Emergency Readiness)

October 6, 10, 11 and 13, 2021
The 4th Young Researchers Workshop on Terrorism and Belligerency: "Human Enhancement and Advanced Technologies in Terrorism and Belligerencies"

June 23, June 28 and June 30, 2021
Workshop: Relations between 'the State' and Civil Society/NGOs in Times of COVID-19: Insights and Lessons for Future Emergencies.

April 7, 2021
Event for the publication of Dr. Dana Schmalz's book: "Refugees, Democracy and the Law: Political Rights at the Margins of the State"

March 10, 2021
The ICC decision about its jurisdiction in the situation of Palestine - Open discussion

March, 2021
Prof. Jeff Staton: "Psychic Numbing and Mixed Appeals in Immigration Advocay". (With the Haifa Center for German and European Studies - HCGES)

February 16, 2021
Special Session on Recent Developments in the International Criminal Court - Israel / Palestine. With the International Law Forum, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

January 20, 2021
Prisoners and vaccination in Corona times - open discussion (in Hebrew)

December 9, 2020 
The Abraham Accords and Middle Eastern Crises: Legal and Political Aspects

October 13, 2020 
Coping with Coronavirus: It's All About Governance. A special webinar for the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction With the National Knowledge and Research Center for Emergency Readiness. (In Hebrew)

September 24, 2020
1st Early Career Researchers Virtual Conference of “What are YOU going to do with THAT?” podcast

August 26, 2020 
Debating Futures for Israel/Palestine: Online discussion with Peter Beinart (following "Twenty Five Years since Oslo" webinar bellow)

July 22, July 27 and July 29, 2020:
International Webinar: Twenty Five Years since Oslo: Contemporary Forms of Governance, Control and Resistance in Israel and Palestinein Israel and Palestine

May 24, 2020
Webinar:Democracy in the Time of Corona (With Law Faculty and The Center for Cyber Law & Policy University of Haifa, Hebrew)
See invitation here

February 27-28, 2020
Symposium: Perpetuating the State of Emergency: Punitive Responses to Terrorism, 20 Years after 9/11. University of Hamburg, Warburg Haus. 

June 26 (Jerusalem), June 30 (Haifa), 2019 - conference (in Hebrew)
Normal abnormal state- The 8th Decade of Emergency Laws in Israel  (in Hebrew) - Conference and round table with the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) in Jerusalem

כנס בשיתוף המכון הישראלי לדמוקרטיה בירושלים - מדינה נורמאלית שאינה נורמאלית: העשור השמיני של דיני החירום בישראל

May 26-27, 2019: Workshop
Legal Aspects of Relief Operations

March 24-26: Haifa and Jerusalem:
Conference with Haifa Center for German and European Studies (HCGES) and DAAD Center for German Studies, Dept. of Communication & Journalism, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem:
Perspectives on Terrorism and Migration in Germany, Europe and Israel: From Discourse to Policy
See here for program, and here for recorded talks on YouTube

Feb. 28, 2019: Guest lecture (with Haifa Center for German and European Studies (HCGES):
Dr. Susanne Wasum-Rainer, German Ambassador to Israel: International Law and Diplomacy
See here for a video of the event

Feb. 4-14, 2019: Young researchers workshop
The 3rd Young Researchers Workshop on Terrorism and Belligerency

16.1.2019: Book event and Seminar talk
The Changing Practices of International Law. With Prof. Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen, Dr. Daniel Benoliel, Dr. Hilly Moodrick-Even Khen, Dr, Anna Evangelidy. Facilitator: Dr. Itamar Mann.
Press here for info about the book

7.11.2018: Book event
The ABC of OPT - Hedi Viterbo, Michael Sfard and Orna Ben Naftali (Event will be in Hebrew).
Press here for Info about the book.

International Symposium on Legal Challenges of Terror
With the Aptowitzer Center for Risk, Liability and Insurance and the Center for Cyber, Law and Policy

A year and a half after the fires in Haifa (Hebrew)
יום עיון: שנה וחצי לגל השריפות בחיפה

“International Law in a time of crisis”: A personal conversation -  Judge Ganna Yudkivska, the European Court of Human Rights interviewed by Dr. Itamar Mann.
See here for invitation (Hebrew)

February 4-18, 2018
The 2nd Young Researchers Workshop on Terrorism and Belligerency 

December 14, 2017 
Symposium - Institutional Governance Structures for National Emergencies - Before, During and After

November 29, 2017
Workshop (Hebrew) - Dealing with Risks in Densely Populated Areas: Removal of Ammonia from the Haifa Bay Area as Case Study
יום עיון: סיכונים באזורים צפופי אוכלוסיה - מקרה מבחן - הסרת סכנת האמוניה ממפרץ חיפה


November 13-14. 2017 

Democracy and the State of Exception

A conference organized at the German Historical Institute (DHIP) and the Goethe Institute in Paris, by Matthias Lemke (DHIP), Ece Goztepe (Bilkent University Ankara), Maureen T Duffy (University of Calgary) and Olivier Cahn (CES-DIP), Partially supported by the Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions


February 1, 2017 

Book talk: Dr. Karin Loevy's new book: Emergencies in Public Law, The Legal Politics of Containment, and Dr. Yoav Mehozai's upcoming book: Between the Rule of Law and States of Emergency, The Fluid Jurisprudence of the Israeli regime


Streamline of the event (in Hebrew) see here: Part A and part B

December 28, 2016

Book launch: Dr. Myriam FeinbergSovereignty in the Age of Global Terrorism, The Role of International Organisations  

See here for more details about the book

Streamline of the event see here: Part A and part B

Link to a post about the book in Opinio Juris 

December 14, 2016

יום עיון - גל השריפות נובמבר 2016

Workshop: November 2016 Fires (Hebrew)


November 2, 2016 

יום עיון לרגל כניסתו לתוקף של חוק המאבק בטרור, התשעו-2016

המציאות המשפטית בעקבות החוק החדש, השלכותיו על הדמוקרטיה ועל שלטון החוק בישראל 

יום עיון משותף של מרכז מינרבה לחקר שלטון החוק במצבי קיצון והמכון הישראלי לדמוקרטיה 

להזמנה ב-PDFלהקלטות מיום העיון

The 2016 Israeli Counterterrorism Law - the New Legal Reality and Implications on Democracy and the Rule of Law in Israel

Workshop with IDI.(in Hebrew)

September 7- 19 -2016

Young Researchers Workshop on Terrorism and Belligerency 


July 18-19 2016

Symposium on Constitutionalism under Extreme Conditions. The Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions, in collaboration with Boston College Law School, under the auspices of Israeli Association of Public Law.

June 29, 2016 – July 18, 2016 

Cyber Regulation, Policy and Theory, Visiting fellows workshop

June 21, 2016 

Human Insecurity, State Fragility and Complex Humanitarian Crises in the Mediterranean. The Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem and the Minerva Center for the Study of the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions, University of Haifa. See Program here and Video of the event here.

June 26, 2016 

Experts workshop: Evaluating Israel’s Regulatory Framework for Earthquake Preparedness, Response and Recovery 

 Program (Hebrew)

June 5-6, 2016

Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions - Advisory board meeting and Mini-Seminar

March 11-13, 2016

Constitutional and Legal Regulation of Emergencies in DemocraciesInternational workshop, Hamburg


See Abstract


January 12, 2016

Syrian Refugees in Europe: Causes and Consequences of a Foretold Crisis. A workshop and public discussion, with Haifa Center for German and European Studies. 

January 10-11, 2016

Crisis, Emergency and Risk Communications in the 21st Century: An Interdisciplinary Seminar.

Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem, Wagner College in Staten Island, New York and the Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions,

December 10-11, 2015

The Algorithmic State: Cyber Challenges to Democracy and Civil Rights (see Overview, Program and Round tables)


December 2, 2015

The Regulatory System for Coping with Earthquakes in Israel Round tables workshop (Hebrew)

מערכת הרגולציה בישראל להתמודדות עם רעידות אדמה:  רגולציה, עשייה בפועל ומצב רצוי

לתכנית הסדנה 

November 24, 2015

Law, violence and exceptionWorkshop at CRFJ,  Jerusalem. See program here

January 1-3, 2015

Annual conference of the Israeli Association of Public Law: Public Law in the Eye of the Storm

המשפט הציבורי בעין הסערה: הכנס השנתי של העמותה למשפט ציבורי

לתכנית הכנס

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