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Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions

Grants receivers

Post-doctoral fellows

Guy Lurie

Yaniv Roznai

Sigall Horovitz

Suha Jubran-Ballan

Michal Saliternik

Rivka Brot

Olga Frishman

Myriam Feinberg

Olga Shteiman

Alex Altshuler

Maya Mark

David Vitale

Nadav Dagan

Idit Shafran-Gittleman

Anna Evangelidi

Yahli Shereshevsky

Ronnen Ben-Arie 

Oren Shlomo

Rottem Rosenberg Rubins

Tamar Megiddo 

Shelly Aviv Yeini 

Robert Neufeld

Omri Grinberg

Talia Diskin

Assaf Mond

Gil Rothschild Elyassi

Hadeel Abu Hussein

PhD students

Alyssa-Nurit McBride

Denard Veshi

Jian Jiang

Seed money and support for on-going research


Jori Breslawski, Non-State Armed Groups & Public Health Emergencies

Klaas H. Eller, Towards Resilient Global Governance of Supply Chains: Performative Sites of Trade Disruptions Under COVID-19

Carmela Lutmar & Leah Mandle, Regional Catastrophe Politics: Disasters, Diplomacy, and Regional Alliances in the Middle East

Daphna Canetti, How Internet Deprivation Upends Democratic Participation and the Rule of Law

Guy Lurie and Amir Fuchs, The Emergency Constitution of Israel - Lessons from the Covid19 Crisis

Nir Kosti and Yoav Mehozay, Emergency Policies in Israel: Between Exception and Routine

Joel Slawotsky, The Impacts of National Crisis on Contractual Obligations

Haim Abraham, Tort Liability in War

Ayelet Ben-Yishai, Genres of Emergency: Crisis, Continuity, and Corruption in India 1975-2000


Stavros Pantazopoulos, The Role of International Courts and Tribunals in Adjudicating Wartime Environmental Damage

Ina Kubbe and Rosa da Costa, The Role of Corruption and Human Rights Violations in Migratory Flows: Impact and Perceptions

Dov Shinar, Media Coverage of COVID-19

Zachary Kaufman, The Law and Politics of Bystanders and Upstanders

Ori Sharon, Climate Change, Sinking Islands, and Disappearing Sovereignties: the Rule of International Law Under Extreme Conditions of Our Ecological Crisis

Emre Turkut & Sabina Garahan, The “Reasonable Suspicion” Test of Turkey’s Post-Coup Emergency Rule under the European Convention on Human Rights
& The Suitability of a Pilot-Judgment Procedure in the Wake of Turkey’s Post-Coup Emergency Rule


Daphné Richemond-Barak, "Underground Warfare"

Antoni Abat i Ninet, "Rule of Law under Pressure /the Rule of Law and Messianism"

Sofia Galani, "Hostage-Taking and Counter-Terror Policies: Lessons Learnt from the Israeli Experience"

Emre Turkut, "Human Rights at the Margin: an Analysis of Turkey’s Post-coup Derogation Measures"

Haim Abraham, "Tort Liability for Belligerent Wrongs"

Elena Cirkovic, "Deep Sea Mining, Outer Space Commercialization, and their Impact on Climate Change"

2016- 2017:

Adi Hercowitz-Amir, “When the state is ‘under attack’ by unwanted migratory flows: The disputed legality of Israeli asylum policy and the role of the courts”

Ester Herlin-Karnell, “The Constitutional Structure of Europe’s Area of “Freedom, Security and Justice” and the Right to Justification”

Natalie R. Davidson, “The Changing Definition of Torture: A Socio-Legal Inquiry”

Benedetta Berti, “The Evolving Nature of Forced Displacement and the Challenges to the International Humanitarian System”

Yael Berda, “Economic Crisis, Emergency Law and the Institutional Effect: Contemporary Lessons of Colonial Legacies of Economic Regulation during Crises In Israel, India, Ghana & Malaysia”

Eyal Ben Ari, “International Humanitarian Law and Armed Violence: Perspectives of Israeli Ground Level Commanders”

Itamar Mann, “Mediterranean Emergencies and the Rule of Law”

Ittai Bar-Siman-Tov, “Temporary Legislation as a Tool for Legal Regulation of Emergencies”

Moran Zaga, “Between the Political Borders and the Socio-political Conflicts in the Arab World”


Federica Maiorana: "The phenomenon of Foreign Fighters: a new challenge for the world between effective protection and legal safeguards"

Dr. Karin Loevy "Who Decides on the Emergency? Comparing Institutional Response Capacities in the US Executive and the UK Parliament Post 9/11"; Support in publication of the book:  Emergencies and Public Law

Tobias Ackermann: "The Effects of Armed Conflicts on Bilateral Investment Treaties"

Milena Bodych, Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Management: "Cyber Crime, cyber security and human rights"

Abhishek Mishra, "Extrajudicial Killings: Normative study to determine the impact on State and Democracy in changing World Order"

Osnat Broshi-Chen, "Creativity and Innovation in Managing Security-induced Tourism Crises: A Strategic Perspective of an Israeli Tourism Case"

Hadas Fischer-Rosenberg, "Colonial Rule and Colonial Law in a Time of War: Palestine Emergency Legislation, 1939-1945"


Dr. Ayelet Ben-Yishai, Dr. Alexandre Kedar, Dr. Ornit Shani: "Twentieth-Century Partitions: Legacies of British Rule",  Research and Workshop.

Dr. Natalie R. Davidson: "A Case Study of the Global Rule of Law’s Impact on Transitional Politics: The Marcos Class Action"  

Patrick Graham: "Public Order and Emergency in Early Twentieth Century Britain"


Prof. Moti Mironi, Faculty of Law, University of Haifa: "The Rule of Law and State of National and/or International Emergency Caused by Strikes in Essential Services and/or of Essential Employees"

Prof. Menachem Hofnung, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem: "The Price of Counterterrorism Information Gathering: Intelligence Informers in the Israeli Courts"

Conferences and workshops

Prof. Emanuel Gross and Dan Schueftan: Law, Technology and National Security conference, October 29, 2013

Prof. Dov Shinar: Crisis, Emergency and Risk Communications in the 21st Century: An Interdisciplinary Seminar



Prof. Moshe Inbar: Center for Research, Documentation and Information of Natural Hazards in Israel - Israel Natural Hazards database (Hebrew and English).

Dr. Anna Brook: GIS Digital Spatial Data Project

Adv. Deborah Housen-Couriel: An Empirical Database on Regulatory Preparedness for Cybersecurity Emergencies: A Comparative Approach

Dr. Antal Berkes: Justice in “Grey Zones” – a Database of Domestic Jjudgments from Areas out of the Effective Control of the State